ACT and SAT Test Prep

I understand that ACT and SAT prep can be overwhelming for the parent and the student. When and where do you even begin? Let me help break that down for you.
The ACT and SAT standardized tests are designed to be taken by students in their second semester of junior year. So what does that mean for the student? That he or she must be well preparedby spring of their junior year to perform well on the SAT and/or ACT.
When to start preparing? 
The ACT and SAT test preparation should begin as early as the student’s sophomore year. This will give enough time for the student to study, take practice tests and see where there might be any weak areas that need improving, leaving him or her better positioned for solid testing their junior year.
Summer is also a great time to for students to practice the ACT and/or SAT to seek outside assistance. Some options include:
-Online training
-Private tutoring
-ACT/SAT prep classes
Before deciding which option is best for the student, I recommend taking a Practice ACT and/or Practice SAT to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses.