New Concordance Table

The College Board and ACT have collaborated on a new Concordance Table to help educators compare SAT and ACT scores.  So why is this a big deal for your child?  Well, let me tell you, this is important for you and your child to know about! Here’s what you need to know about the new Concordance Table is and how to use it.

A couple of key points about the new Concordance Table:

  • The new ACT/SAT Concordance Table shows how scores on each test compare
  • College Admissions Representatives will be using the new Concordance Table to make admissions decisions
  • Parents and students need to be referring to the new Concordance Table to know on which test the student is performing better on

The ACT is scored on a range of 1-36.  The SAT is scored on a range of 1-1600.  Colleges do not care which standardized college admissions test a student chooses to take.  Some students perform better on the ACT, some on the SAT, but with varying score ranges, how is a college supposed to know which student performs better on which test?  To answer that question: the college representative will consult his/her new Concordance Table.

I HIGHLY recommend your child take BOTH the ACT and SAT. Once the ACT and SAT have been taken, you can then refer to the Concordance Table to see which one the student excelled most in and focus on that test for either improving the score or using for college applications.

If you need help understanding mapping out and preparing for the ACT and SAT, please contact me at or (334) 239-9333. We can also talk and see how to use the Concordance Table for your student!