Services Offered

Academic Coaching

A successful high school career is paramount to a successful college application process. In
order to ensure the student is adequately positioned for college evaluation, Ms. Garzon begins working with students as early as ninth grade to help direct and encourage high school success. Some of the items Ms. Garzon focuses on are:

  • Review high school course choice with college requirements as a bench mark
  • Present academic goals for the high school years, both in and out of the classroom
  • Consult on the process and development of a resume
  • Explore summer opportunities and community service involvement opportunities that
    enhance the student’s preparation for college
  • Discover personality traits and learning styles
  • Determining personal strengths and interest that translate to college major and career choice

College Advising

To ensure a smooth college process, Ms. Garzon begins working with students as early as 9th grade. Colleges are interested in the whole high school career of the student. So, the earlier a
student begins understanding what is needed and expected for the college process, the better.
Through high school, a student should be choosing courses wisely, participating in activities
inside and outside the school and documenting these activities on a constantly updating
resume, preparing for and achieving on standardized tests, researching and visiting colleges, completing all college applications prior to deadlines, and focusing on the obtainment of
scholarship and financial aid money. As an Independent Educational Consultant, Ms. Garzon
can personalize and simplify this enormous process to the specific student’s needs. By
working individually with a student, Ms. Garzon will help decrease the stress and anxiety of the college process ensuring a more thoughtful, self determined, accurate college selection for the
student. During the college advising process, Ms. Garzon will:

  • Enforce items listed in Academic Coaching
  • Work with the student to determine the individual student’s intentions and desires
  • Map ACT and SAT testing dates and deadlines and help evaluate scores
  • Recommend colleges that match the student’s aspirations and abilities
  • Help the student research appropriate colleges and make plans to visit colleges if possible
  • Assist the student in finalizing resumes for admissions and scholarship consideration
  • Guide the student through college application terms, processes, and deadlines

ACT/SAT Strategy

Standardized tests scores are often an important determining factor in college admissions. It is
important that a student and the family understand the importance of these tests. To ensure
that the student is well prepared and has performed his/her best score in a timely manner, Ms.
Garzon will help students and their families to better understand the following items:

  • How the ASPIRE, Pre-ACT, and PSAT tests prepare students for the ACT and SAT
  • Differences and similarities among the ACT and the SAT
  • Standardized test preparation opportunities available
  • Dates, schedules, and locations for preparation and testing
  • Importance of testing scores for admissions and scholarship awards

Scholarship and Financial Aid

The cost of college is ever increasing. Families are needing to find financial resources that will
help alleviate some of the cost of college. Ms. Garzon helps students and families find applicable scholarships and apply for financial aid. Though a student may feel that an
admissions acceptance letter is the finality of their college process, a family often discovers that the journey continues through the search for financial aid. Ms. Garzon will assist the
family’s search for money by:

  • Explaining the difference between merit, departmental, and need based college scholarships
  • Assisting with the financial aid applications for need-based aid, if appropriate, using the FAFSA and CSS Profile
  • Helping search for and apply for local, regional, and national outside scholarships
  • Evaluate with the family the money needed by a college and the money granted through
    scholarships and financial aid