Stress Sweet Spot

There is no doubt that teenagers today experience stress.  In a recent article posted in The New York Times, researchers have discovered that teenagers actually perform optimally at a certain level of stress.  Determining this “sweet spot” of stress is the trick.  Not enough stress, and the teenager does not feel motivated to complete a task, too much stress and the teenager becomes overwhelmed and stagnant. 

Recently, I was interviewed on WSFA Alabama Live during which I got to briefly describe my new business and professional approach.  I view my job as being the guide to help uncover a teenager’s stress sweet spot.  As an Independent Educational Consultant, I educate and motivate my students in the most effective and efficient ways to position themselves for the college admissions process.  My job also is too help alleviate excess stress and worry for high school students and their parents as they encounter the many complexities and competitiveness of the college admissions process.  My focus is to keep a student in his/her stress sweet spot allowing optimization of college admissions results.