The Importance of High School Course Selection

Classes for your high school student will be starting in a few short weeks. Do you know which courses your child is registered to take next year? Are these classes going to set your child on the most advantageous track for college admissions?

I highly recommend that you make an appointment with your student’s high school counselor BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS to review next year’s course selection and to map out the next few years of classes.

In knowing if courses are sufficient, or more important required by colleges, you must jump forward in order to look back. Meaning….

  • Some colleges require high school physics for declared engineering major college applicants
  • Some colleges require four year of high school math for college applicants
  • Some colleges require three to four years of foreign language for college applicants.

Knowing your student’s prospective college requirements for admissions will help in making decisions for classes and set your student up for greater success when applying to his/her desired college.

Therefore, it’s necessary to start the college selection process early in order to know your student’s preferred colleges’ admissions requirements. That way, you can be assured that you are choosing the best high school curriculum to enhance your child’s chances of admissions at he colleges of his/her choice.